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We are in the business selling family incontinent products. However, we are passionate about the incontinent issues, which all families and kids go through by
offering good information & support.
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Article -- How to Best Handle Bedwetting Issues Article -- Bedwetting TipsArticle -- Tips on traveling with Incontinent childArticle -- Complication Raising an Incontinent ChildArticle -- Road to Independence for Incontinent Child is not
an easy one for Parent or child !
Article -- When should you grant a child more responsibility
in managing their own incontinence
Article -- Motivating & Maintaining an Incontinent ChildArticle -- ADHD Children and Bedwetting  ConnectionArticle -- Poor bladder-brain-dialogue & BedwettingArticle -- Bedwetting in Children & Voiding DysfunctionsArticle -- Bedwetting in Children & bladder irritantsArticle -- Children Encopresis & Constipation issue relating to BedwettingArticle -- Preteens & Teens Emotional Impact Regarding Bedwetting IssuesArticle -- Misconception Children have leads to unnecessary distress Article -- Parents Diapering checklist for Changing an Older ChildArticle -- Best Cloth Diapering Techniques for an Older ChildArticle -- Preteen / Teenager's issue of comforting themselves through use
of thumb sucking, pacifier / Bottle
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UNFORTUNATELY BECAUSE of Misconceptions and Misunderstanding Of Children's Incontinence Issues.
Makes it harder on Parents and their children. Because of faulty information they have ⇨ leads to poor decision making WHICH UNFORTUNATELY INENTIONALY HURT THEIR CHILD ❕

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, and content in Life - But can we be?

Being Fully Informed On The Best Ways To Help Your Incontinent Child Makes It Possible For Parent And Child To

Have A Happy, Healthy, And Content In Life!!


Being well informed makes it possible to make good informed decisions ❕

Which leads to better ways of meeting your child emotional & physical needs, that will make life Better and Easier & more Comfortable for Everyone!

Being fully informed on the best ways to help your incontinent child makes it possible for parent and child to have a

Happy, Healthy, And Content In Life!!

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know
with Dealing & Razing
Incontinence in Children

There Is NO DOUBT Incontinent Children Are High Maintenance In Managing Their Hygiene And Emotional Needs.

1) Parents STRESS with razing an incontinent child 😡?
2) Whether a parent should consider use of protection (Pull-Ups®/Diapers)?
a) Will protection help or hinder the child from gaining control?
b) Will, a child, become diaper dependent (Pull-Ups® are Diapers)?
3) What are the pros & cons of disposable diapers versus cloth diapers?
4) Dealing with Immaturity Issues on how affects razing an incontinent child?
5) Dealing with Motivation & Hygiene issues razing an incontinent child?
6) Dealing with Emotional & Physical issues of razing an incontinent child?
7) Dealing with Self-Esteem issues & Self-confidence issues with an incontinent child?
8) Dealing with traveling with an Incontinent child (TIPS)
9) ADHD and connection to Bedwetting?
10) What is the determining factor of the best economical product that meets child incontinent needs?
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Every parent and child want to get past this stage!

Bedwetting children sleepover

Don't miss out on right of pasage -  Sleepovers

Kids like sleepovers. However, sometime don’t go because either, they are too afraid that their BIG secret will be discovered or their parents will not let them go in order to protect them from an embarrassing event!

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Parents workload and stress rasing bedwetting child


Keeping a child healthy is the FIRST and biggest responsibility they have toward their son/daughter. Now relating to a child incontinence it's very important to maintaining good hygiene in order to keep them healthy!

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Family stress due to bedwetting issues


There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding on this subject that the parent who never had this issue draws the wrong conclusion based on misinformation. The most common misconception they are just too lazy to get out of bed to go to the restroom, or they are doing it deliberately to get back at them making them do extra wash.

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