ADHD Children and Bedwetting Issue

ADHD child is difficult enough and if your child also has Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting) and especially if they also have Diurnal (Daytime time wetting) issue is even more challenging.

The mind is extremely complex and doctors really do not understand ADHD disorder otherwise they could fix it. All they provide meds to address the symptoms. I do not know whether your child had ADHD or not. However, I know my Granddaughter defiantly does have ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and been hospitalized three times in the past two years. She 12yrs old and 90lbs and although small can be a handful for two adults. She is sometimes completely out of control and like a bull in a china shop.

We have tried a variety of meds to, we find one that works for her, and without, she cannot function in school.

One thing for sure ADHD kids need a lot of structure and consistency and easily get distracted and have a hard time finishing tasks. My daughter is adopted and did not have the bedwetting issue when a child. So, my granddaughters do not have the issue either. However, I can imagine how difficult it is for a ADHD child who is incontinent as well.

For those parents who don’t have an idea what a ADHD child is like. I had looked back with a mother post dealing with a 14yr old son with ADHD Post #982
How do you manage their hygiene ?

A) Do they cooperate and tell you when they need to be change ?
My son is very unfocused and easily distracted. If I have him in
daytime diapers I usually have to check him myself, but he's
cooperative when being changed.

B) Are they able to change themselves or do they need your help ?
I still change my son's diapers and also supervise dressing and
bathing him as with his ADHD he is so easily distracted it's
difficult for him to concentrate and follow through on simple tasks.
If I didn't diaper him, it would never get done.

C) What is the best method of changing a child if he/she still needs
help in changing ?

I undress him and have him lie down on a waterproof pad on his bed.
He's so used to this that he almost always raises his legs up so I'll
have an easier time diapering him. When he's more "hyper," I'll hold
up one of the diaper pins and tell him to hold still if he doesn't
want to be stuck. This usually works.
(One parent in the group said that they change their child in a big
boy nature so that he has no ideas that he is being treated as a

D) Does your household have daily ritual, when it comes to putting on
night protection.
(For example I have some parents report that right
after dinner, or after they have finish homework etc.)

I diaper him about thirty minutes before bedtime. Once he's in
diapers, plastic pants and his pajamas or sleepers, he likes to sit
with me on the couch and watch a little TV or have me read something
to him. This has a way of calming him down and making it easier to
tuck him in at bedtime.

E) Upon waking, if the child had an accident do they take a bath in
the morning, or do you have to get after them and clean them up
before going to school ?

I remove his wet diapers and plastic pants and bathe him so it will
actually be done. Left to his own devices, he seems to try and find
a way to avoid doing something or wanders off to play in his room. I
make sure he goes to the bathroom before I take him to school.

ADHD Kids are higher maintenance, and parents need to be more diligent in managing their care because ADHD kids have more difficult time managing on their own because they often get distracted and forget about changing when they should and do not follow through with proper hygiene procedures.

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There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding on this subject that the parent who never had this issue draws the wrong conclusion based on misinformation. The most common misconception they are just too lazy to get out of bed to go to the restroom, or they are doing it deliberately to get back at them making them do extra wash.

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