Parents Best Cloth Diapering Techniques for an Older Child

Here is some good information for those that want change from using disposable diapers to use cloth flat diapers. This information also good to give to a baby sister or new caregiver that has not had experience diapering an older child with flat diapers.

The following information, I believe will be very helpful. (Please note this came from our support group and names been changed to protect their privacy)

Diapering Older Child Techniques to Preventing leaks
(Good advice from Marlene)

I must have missed the chance to reply to this last week. Here is what I do to help prevent leaking
diapers on my son.

I usually diaper my 14 yr old son (Marks is about 78 to 80 pounds and has a waist of about 23 inches. ) either on his bed or on the floor - I would really like to have a changing table big enough. I lay his cloth diaper out and have him set on it, then I reposition it if needed. I fold his diapers four layers thick right now but this is what is nice about cloth diapers. You can fold them as thick as needed for the wetting they will be getting.

I pin these on him 'snugly' not tight but certainly not loose either. I think the important thing then is to use plastic pants that are large enough to swallow up the diaper size you use. They must have a wide crotch of course. I always make sure I push the leg bands up so his diaper now has a plastic pouch you might say. I also roll the waist band over the top of his diaper to give protection there. Really its no different than when I diapered him as in infant or toddler. The method remains the same.

He wets at least twice a night and he rarely ever has a leaky diaper.


I have for those interested diagram steps for folding flat diaper design for an older child. Just scroll down to the form and make the request, and I will send it to you.

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