Free Letter to HELP your child to Improve their Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and be more responsible in managing their incontinence❕

The purpose of this letter is to help your child become more aware that they are not alone!! There are many other children from 6 to 18yrs old (7,500,000 in U.S.) that have the same problem, and just because they have this issue doesn’t make them some kind of baby. Now that they are older, and not a baby, there are things they can do in order to take better care of themselves and to help them build their self-esteem.

The letter we send to the parent, which you give to your child (letters are adjusted by age). So if you are indeed interested in this free service all, we ask is to let us know if this letter helped them or not. So we can improve on the letter if need be.

Steven F. Trimarco
P.S. We are more than an Online Family Incontinent Store

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There Is NO DOUBT Incontinent Children Are High Maintenance In Managing Their Hygiene And Emotional Needs.

Adult\Parent\Gaurdian\Care Giver - STRESS 😡?

Maturity Issues & Helping a Child be More Responsible & Independent.

Motivational Guide

Health Issues - Hygiene, Bladder Irritants, Constipation & Encopresis (Soiling) Diaper Rashes Regarding Bedwetting.

ADHD & Bedwetting

Best Method in Diapering Techniques for an older child (No leaks)
a) Disposable
b) Flat Cloth
c) Best Self-Diapering Techniques.

Pros & Cons Disposable versus Cloth

Request what is the best product that meets your child Incontinent Needs

Meeting Childs Emotional & Physical Needs

Free letter to help build your child Self-Esteem & Be more responsible. ( Sent to the parent to give to a child)

All Information Is Private And Not Shared With Anyone!!

We Share because we Care
P.S. Please be sure to include the child's name and age in the message area. The letters are adjusted by age from 4 to 19 years old.

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