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The following are Members' comments on StayDry Family Support Group. from Yahoo Transferred here.
Mr.Trimarco this is Cody's mother again thank yo I appreciate what your group has done for Cody I did allow one picture of him with his old team as it shows the team and the trophies they won and I am having him post some of his action shots so people can appreciate what it is he does on the track as I said he is very good and he often underestimates how god he really is but he does work at it there is a half pipe behind our garage and he spends allot of time on it between school and workouts with his coach we will post more photos as we find them I have some when he was younger as well the trophies and the bikes would not mean anything without seeing the action that wins the trophies MR.Trimarco I thank you again for what you are doing for my son I think it just gave his self esteem a big boost


Thanks to all of our moderators who do such a good job in keeping this forum
going! Not only do you do it quickly, you do it with a lot of care. I
appreciate your hard work.

Special thanks to Tood Jr. who works hard to keep up with our younger members -
sending messages of encouragement and keeping track of them!

This is a great form, and you all have my thanks.

Dave M.


This group is awesome and provided support to a lot of who are
incontinent. This bond between members has also reduced some of the
stress and bolstered our self esteem. We can only gain through
participation. I would be lost without you guys, this group makes me
feel better! Please share your time and experiences.


Hi Steve,

I am glad I have joined the group. It has been a good for getting help and
support when we need it. I think it is great to share tips and tricks for what
works and how to do it. I hope other members find my tips helpful and I find
some of theirs helpful too. This comes from a long time of experience and having
tried all sorts of different things. What I do with the girls now seems to work
the most and keep everyone as happy as they can be while keeping their
incontinence and accidents under control.
I remember Kyle and his daughter and what they went through with he taking off
her protection. I have had that happen with my girls from time to time too but
not as bad as he had it happening. I know my girls do not like wearing
protection that much and don't like that I choose diapers for them but they have
come to accept it and no longer give me much trouble about it. It certainly has
been easier with them now. I have tried and always try to keep them thinking of
diapers as just their type of underwear they need to wear.
Thank you for running a great group and giving everyone with these issues and
problems a place to share and trade ideas and get support.

Sarah and the girls


Hi Steve,

I absolutely have loved your group and all of the knowledge and wisdom the members had to share, and all that you had to share. It has really helped Hyrum and I and I have realized a lot of things I hadn't realized before about the wetting and how I can help Hyrum with this. You keep one of the best groups I have ever seen. It is very well run and I love that you are firm on the rules and have so much good information and encourage participation from all. I think that really is the reason your group has worked so amazingly well. It's hard for me to leave, but for now I have to go because my computer access in my new life situation (moving, etc.) will be just about nonexistent, and I'm not going to be able to post anymore. But please know that I have been so grateful to be a part of your group!



Thank you Steve. I will look through them later and try to fill them out. I also want to thank you for running this terrific group and wonder if my son needs a seperate e mail to joing and my husband. they are both night time wetters and are interested in talking with others that wet like they do.



Hi Steve -

Thank you for thinking about me. I'm fine, almost back to normal from my accident, and yes, I am going to get another motorcycle. My parents aren't thrilled about this of course, but I am hardly a kid anymore.

The police eventually caught up with the guy who ran me off the road.
He was brought to trial and convicted of driving on the wrong side of the road and leaving the scene of an accident, but that was all they could get him for. Too much time had elapsed for the police to run a blood alcohol test on him. My insurance company now has him in court on a civil case.

My apologies for not posting more often. I think my last post was to "jriley3401" who has a defiant daughter, but I guess that must have been a month ago by now. I know the rules, and I will try to do better in the future.

Thank you again for your concern, and also for the great job you are doing with this group.



Thanks Mr Trimarco,

Nothing has really changed that much for me but here's the intro letter:

Hi everyone. My name's Amanda. Some of you may remember me because I was a part of the group a few years ago. I really appreciated all the good advice and support I got but I was so busy with school and life in general I wasn't able to keep up with posting as much as I should have. Anyway, I have a spinal cord disability which still causes bladder and sometimes bowel problems in day and night. To help cope, I wear Molicare diapers right now but growing up I've tried just about every brand out there. To me, the diapers are kind of like my underwear and part of my regular everyday life. Growing up as a bedwetter or having daytime problems can be hard. I hope to help everybody here as much as I can and get more tips and advice fro you as well.

Thank you and Happy New Year,


Every parent and child want to get past this stage!

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Keeping a child healthy is the FIRST and biggest responsibility they have toward their son/daughter. Now relating to a child incontinence it's very important to maintaining good hygiene in order to keep them healthy!

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There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding on this subject that the parent who never had this issue draws the wrong conclusion based on misinformation. The most common misconception they are just too lazy to get out of bed to go to the restroom, or they are doing it deliberately to get back at them making them do extra wash.

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